Pure Srilankan Primuim Tea Brand

Sri Lanka teas (Ceylon teas) have held the name as ‘The Best Teas’ in the world for more than a century. They have their unique characteristics, flavours and aromas. The taste of PURE CEYLON teas has proven its own uniqueness.

Sri Lankan Natural spa oils

Herbs, in general, are yet another unique species of plants, comprised of savory taste and aromatic properties used for food flavors, garnishes and fragrances. With the use of herbs, aromatic therapy oils can be produced which significantly enhance the Spa Industry, hence it is an essential requirement in Spa Products. Such products contribute to Health and well-being of an individual; therefore, herbs play a major role in enhancing a salubrious, wholesome lifestyle.

Sri Lankan best Sapphires

We ensure all the gem stones we are selling contain No Fills, No Color Injections, and are 100% natural.

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360 Ceylon

At 360 Ceylon we link Sri Lanka with the rest of the world providing the shortest business access to a full range of Sri Lankan products and services.

As the brand owner of “KUNDUR” we are exclusive producers of a range of Sri Lankan products like Ceylon teas, Ceylon sapphires, Sri Lankan authentic oils, tropical fruit products and handy crafts etc.

360 Ceylon work with numerous business units in Asia and North America to provide a comprehensive services beating linguistic, cultural and geographical barriers.

Please come and join hands with us to make a better future for your business.

Our Brands

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